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A more immersive and playable open world space

Fallout: Cascadia is planning to deliver nearly eighty square-kilometers (nearly 20,000 acres) of land around the Seattle metro-area, known as the Pacific Wasteland. Containing several large settlements, such as Republic of Cascadia's capital of Cascade, the Pacific Wasteland is peppered with unique locations and hidden gems.

The events of Fallout: Cascadia take place in the year 2329: considerably later than other Fallout installments. As a result, you, "the Drifter," have an entirely new and exciting world to explore. To capture the aesthetic of this late time-period, the team's texture artists and asset creators have gone to great lengths to show the progress of the Pacific Wasteland to a "post-post-apocalyptic" society. But make no mistake, conflict and turmoil still grips the wasteland.

"Huge mod seeks to bring Seattle to the world of Fallout 4."

Reviving the old system

Returning to Fallout's RPG roots, the Cascadia team has worked with code-wranglers from across the globe to revive the skill and perk system utilized in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. We have a custom user interface which facilitates its implementation back into dialogue, allowing these old-school RPG elements to help steer the Drifter's journey throughout our narrative.

"To the fans crying for more RPG in your Fallout 4, this may be the mod you’re looking for."
-PC Gamer

For the Fans - Forever Free

Fallout: Cascadia is developed entirely by a volunteer force of many individuals from around the world, each with their own strengths and abilities. We have an invigorating mixture of fresh talent and seasoned modding veterans, and we are always searching for more creative, skilled developers to join our ranks.

Built on collaboration and innovation, Fallout: Cascadia is for the fans: forever free.

"In taking on Seattle, Cascadia adds a unique twist to the usual Fallout aesthetic."

Factions of Cascadia

The Republic of Cascadia

Time only moves forward. And the Republic of Cascadia is poised to go beyond simply returning safety and a good quality of life back to the wasteland. Founded out of the city of Cascade in 2289, this flourishing new republic has been called "the jewel of the Pacific coast." It has seen the return of many Old World institutions: art, culture, economy, and law. It is currently led by the Republic's 4th President: Oliver Pearse, who is assisted by his sister, advisor, and the Republic's Attorney General, Emily.

To many, the Republic of Cascadia is a beacon of hope. But to others, they represent the large-scale expansion which plagued the Old World. With dissenters such as the Red Leafs and other rogues becoming more present, the Republic is strengthening its grip on the wasteland. However: is the safety of their nation worth the inevitable cost?

The Red Leafs

The Red Leafs began as a grassroots reactionary movement to the American annexation of Canada in 2072. While they barely survived for the first 150 years or so after the Great War, now they are re-surfacing as they face a new contender: the Republic of Cascadia. Concerned by the RoC’s growing political power which they feel leans toward authoritarianism, the Leafs are proponents of reciprocating the annexation that they once faced. They wish to overthrow the current government and bring political power back to the hands of the people.

Turbulent and guerrilla, the Red Leafs intend to bring about their revolution at any cost, making it clear that they will topple anyone who stands in their way. Many wastelanders find their cause attractive, but are concerned about the methods - do the ends justify the means?

The New California Republic

Flanked by other powerful forces to the East and threatened by their home-turf rivals the Brotherhood of Steel, the New California Republic found themselves needing the upper-hand anywhere they could get it. Seeking to secure land, resources, and political power before they might fall into the hands of their enemies, the NCR settled an outpost in Kent, Washington.

However, the NCR quickly found themselves sitting on a powder keg. While trying to set up positive relations with the Republic of Cascadia, they discovered that war has been brewing between them and the guerilla Red Leafs. They want to create an anchor in the area to gain strength, but has the two-headed-bear bitten off more than it can chew?

Our Team

Flenarn - Project Lead

Flen keeps things operational and less chaotic than they would be otherwise. The Creation Kit is his domain, he resides
in the eternal darkness of Sweden.



Trevor “VISaberToothIV” Bixler - Lead Artist

Trevor is a self-taught 3D Artist and experienced Mod Author. He is well-versed in the Creation Kit and acts as a bridge between the assets we create and Fallout: Cascadia. Knowing the quirks and methods of asset integration into Fallout, he assists the team as a Technical Artist with any problems they encounter.


Level Design

Victhor “Vigge42” Pålsson - Lead Level Designer

A hobbyist level designer with deep roots into LittleBigPlanet and the FarCry 2 level editor.



Anna Webster - Lead Writer

Originally studying classical voice in college, Anna hung up her horned hat in favor of studying narrative in new media formats.
With a chaotic good alignment and love for the Fallout world, she's thrilled to be crafting this new adventure.

Music and Sound

Sylwester 'Faust' Faustmann - Lead Music and Sound Effects

Composer, Producer, Sound Engineer. Sylwester's first love was to be able to create new worlds with musical language. Convincing story and lyrical emotions is always in his mind while creating sonic backgrounds for any project. He does his best to deliver Cascadia's satisfactory and unforgettable experience within Music and Sound Effects.


Alex - Founder

With a desire to create and entertain using whatever tools available, Alex has spent much of her life growing her multi-faceted skillset in order to better amaze and inspire using technology. With a wide range of experience in programming, 3D modelling, sound and music composition and writing, Alex does her best to contribute to Fallout Cascadia in small ways when help is needed.


Reverett - Hackerman

Sneaking in the side door is reverett, our local hackerman. He maintains our servers both public and private - Whenever he has time!

Frequently Asked Questions


Fallout Cascadia is a complete replacement mod for Fallout 4, featuring new factions, weapons, armors, characters, a branching main story, and so much more! It is set in the year 2329 in the Seattle metro-area, approximately 40 years after the the events in the Commonwealth.


We would love for this to be the case, but it's sadly not possible based on our use of the Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE). However, we have released some of our content on Xbox (such as our NCR Armor Pack).


This is difficult to say as our team works on a volunteer basis. We are working towards a set internal date, but we have not yet announced anything formally to the public.


We have done extensive research into the lore of the Fallout franchise, and we abide by all of the canon lore established by previous games. We've worked tirelessly to seamlessly fill in gaps and bring you a whole new, albeit familiar, world.


The writing team has a podcast mini-series where you can find more details about our protagonist ("the Drifter"), factions, main characters, locations, and much more! You can find all currently released episodes here.


At the minimum, your PC needs to be able to run Fallout 4 on medium settings. Additionally, we currently require the Far Harbor, Nuka World, and Vault-Tec Workshop DLCs. Finally, you'll also need the Fallout 4 Script Extender. We may add additional DLC requirements as development progresses. Unfortunately, there will not be a “no DLC” version.


Yes. Fallout Cascadia's story is completely separate from that of Fallout 4, and utilizes many changes/augmentations of game mechanics.


Fallout Cascadia is - and will always be - a free mod. We are not a part of the Creation Club, and we are currently planning on distributing via Nexus Mods when the time comes.

We have recieved your application

We have recieved your application, and will review it shortly. We will contact you if we need further details and to let you know if you've made the cut!
Thank you for your interest in Fallout Cascadia!

Join Our Team!

We at Fallout Cascadia are currently seeking individuals with game design aspirations or experience in the professional or modding community. We are a non-profit project. In the industry having a working game that showcases your talents and ability to work with a team is extremely valuable. Still, keep in mind, we're not experts. There's no crazed wunderkid behind the wheel that pulls all the strings. We are all individually talented in our various fields but this is a team project, everyone is taking their talent and adding it to the greater whole!

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About 3D Art

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About Programming

Please email your application to falloutcascadia 'at' gmail 'dot' com

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