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A more immersive and playable open world space

Fallout Cascadia is planning to deliver nearly eighty square kilometers of land centered around Seattle proper. It will contain several large settlements such as the capital of the Republic of Cascadia, Cascade. Cascadia takes places hundreds of years after the previous Fallout games, in the year 2329. To capture this time period we are making use of texture artists and asset creators to show the slow progress of the wasteland to a post-post-apocalyptic society. But make no mistake, conflict and turmoil still grips this wasteland.

To the fans crying for more RPG in your Fallout 4, this may be the mod you’re looking for.
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Reviving the old system

We are taking great pains here at the team to ensure that the shortcomings of Fallout 4 are addressed with Fallout Cascadia. Working with many talented coders around the world we plan on correcting everything from the stunted dialogue system to the lack of S.P.E.C.I.A.L checks inside the game. We are carefully considering each criticism leveled at Bethesda's game and using the information gleaned to make Fallout Cascadia even better.

Huge mod seeks to bring Seattle to the world of Fallout 4

For the Fans - Forever Free

Fallout Cascadia is developed entirely by a volunteer force of many individuals, each with their own strengths and abilities. Some of our volunteers have never worked on a project this size before, some come from other large modding projects out there; Beyond Skyrim for example. Anyone is free to apply to a position in the team, as we are always looking for more creative and skilled developers. Fallout Cascadia will be forever free.

New details reveal the frightening scale of Fallout 4's Cascadia mod

Factions of Cascadia

Republic of Cascadia (RoC)

A new grand city with actual economics and social class that has yielded a society not too different from our own. Affluence has returned and to continue their growth they have began expanding and “colonizing” outlying towns, incorporating them into their economics and imposing their laws, politics, and culture upon them. Some towns have embraced it wholeheartedly while others have seen it as a means to a survivor’s end. Cascadia essentially represents the idea of the “American Dream” to many unbeknownst people, they strive to move up, become more secure, and have a family, but much like the real world today the American Dream is far more obtainable in areas outside of America. Over time Cascadia has developed into a more or less totalitarian society, far from it’s purely democratic roots. The two grew and a one-person-one-vote system was starting to fail so the Republic was born, a Chancellor was appointed and each major section of the city chose a representative to join him. At first it ran well but soon transformed into an inequitable and unequal arrangement. Today many protests are happening in the streets of Cascadia, citizens asking for fairer representation and pay, for elections, and upward mobility.

Red Leafs

A reactionary force to the imperialistic expansion by the RoC, the Red Leafs are composed of those opposed to the aggressive policies that the RoC has used to annex new territories and the authoritarian rule it has imposed upon them. The ongoing guerrilla fighting by the relatively decentralized red leaf ‘houses’ has only pushed the RoC to greater oppression and atrocities, something which has helped gather sympathies to the Red Leaf cause.The Red leafs support their guerilla campaign through various illegal tactics akin to modern day terrorism. This includes attacks on RoC supporters and sympathizers in and around Cascade, as well as drug pushing, arms dealing, and infiltration.

I was there when the Americans attacked us. They took our land, our fortune, our future. I’ll take it all back, tear by tear.

New California Republic

The New California Republic marched into ROC territory several years back wanting to settle a stronghold in the region to hold their newly formed neighbors to the North back from closing in on their territory. Taking no side in the brewing civil war the NCR merely stands back, monitoring the situation, preparing for their next step.

Our Team

flen's face

Flenarn - Project Lead

Flen keeps things operational and less chaotic than they would be otherwise. The Creation Kit is his domain, he resides in the eternal darkness of Sweden.

leon's face

Leon/Mattdamon420/Dr. Weird - Director of Implementation

“Sent back to the present from the future by an evil deity named scumlordus, this mystical warrior must figure out all the secrets within the Creation Kit to defeat the vile douchebag known as scumlordus and return home to the future.”

Concept Art

Jake - Lead Concept Artist

Ever since young Jake had always loved playing video games. It blew his mind when he found out what exactly a concept artist is and what vital role they play in making video games. Self taught in digital painting it was always a dream to have his work come to life. To have his designs of weapons, landscapes, and even creatures interact with a virtual world.


Trevor “VISaberToothIV” Bixler - Lead Assets

Trevor is a self-taught 3D Artist and experienced Mod Author. He is well-versed in the Creation Kit and acts as a bridge between the assets we create and Fallout: Cascadia. Knowing the quirks and methods of asset integration into Fallout, he assists the team as a Technical Artist with any problems they encounter.

Level Design

Jonesy - Lead Level Design

This is Jason, aka Jonesy. He has have always had a passion and love for Bethesda games and the Fallout series. He's have been working in all forms of the Creation Kit since Oblivion. His favorite Fallout game is and will always be Fallout 3 (We have no clue why, don't ask).
"Never put wine into old bottles."

Victhor “Vigge42” Pålsson - Co Lead Level Designer

A level designer with deep roots into LittleBigPlanet. Studying in Stockholm to become a 3D technician.

Music and Sound

Shaunzybomb - Voice Acting Lead

Shaun Roland is an American voice actor, musician and he is host of the hit YouTube show The Bombshell Brother, he would like to specify that the word "hit" is used incredibly loosely.

TheSurpriser - Lead Music

Self taught music producer who recently fell in love with video game composition. While it’s not his first time composing for a Fallout project, it is the first time he’s gotten the chance to work alongside fellow composers in order to create something beautiful and breathtaking together as a team.


Wictor Holmberg- Lead Writer

Wictor, or Wic, joined the project in September 2015 as a world builder and writer. In January of 2016, he was chosen to write the main story of the mod, after writing a proposal based upon a civil war between two polarised militias. Wic loves making original characters, creating emotional stories and bringing up subjects that video games normally don’t touch upon.
Wictor is currently studying to become a teacher in Swedish and English literature, but his dream of working with video games lives on. His knowledge of storytelling, story structures and fictional characters are big sources of inspiration for his writing. Working with his collaborator Caleb Boteilho, Wic is creating a story that feels unique and original, that also stays true to the iconic universe of the Fallout franchise.

Tony Harris- Co Lead Environment and Writing

Abducted by Flenarn, Tony is now forced to write engaging stories for Fallout Cascadia. Working with with the Cascadia team, he hopes to make the world and the people living in it a more memorable experience for everyone who decides to play.


Alex - Founder

With a desire to create and entertain using whatever tools available, Alex has spent much of her life growing her multi-faceted skillset in order to better amaze and inspire using technology. With a wide range of experience in programming, 3D modelling, sound and music composition and writing, Alex does her best to contribute to Fallout Cascadia in small ways when help is needed.

Reverett - Hackerman

Sneaking in the side door is reverett, our local hackerman. He maintains our servers both public and private - Whenever he has time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Fallout Cascadia is an upcoming modification to Bethesda's Fallout 4 it will function as a new game every step along the way. Fallout Cascadia takes the player back to the west coast and is geographically centered around Seattle, Washington. It will feature a new worldspace comparable to the one in Fallout 4, a new branching main quest, new factions, weapons, armors, a new protagonist (who is yet to be revealed) as well as much more. It will be nothing short of a new entry into the Fallout franchise.


We would love it to but it is sadly not possible, we take use of the Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE). We have released some of our content to the Xbox platform (For example; Our NCR Armor Pack) and will continue to release more standalones as time goes on.


This is something impossible to say as our team is based on a volunteer basis. We are working after a set internal date but we wont have anything to announce to the public for a while.


A PC that can run Fallout 4 on medium settings, a copy of Fallout 4, the Far Harbor, Nuka World, and Vault Tec DLCs and F4SE. We may add additional DLC requirements as development progresses. There will not be a “no DLC” version.


Yes, Fallout Cascadia's story, world, characters and more are completely separate from Fallout 4, just like our main protagonist. We also make a lot of changes to various gameplay mechanics which means earlier saves would break.


Fallout Cascadia will be a free, total-conversion mod. Bethesda's paid mods program was discontinued earlier in 2015 and something similar has come back with the Creation Club. We had long before the revealing of the Creation Club decided that we will not participate in that sort of program if it returns. Fallout Cascadia will be forever free.


We have done extensive research into the lore of Fallout and we are following all the canon lore established by previous games. We've also looked at lore considered non or semi-canon and worked with it to fit some of it into our own. Within the team there's been extensive writing to fill in the gaps and bring a whole new world to you.

We have recieved your application

We have recieved your application, and will review it shortly. We will contact you if we need further details and to let you know if you've made the cut!
Thank you for your interest in Fallout Cascadia!

Join Our Team!

We at Fallout Cascadia are currently seeking individuals with game design aspirations or experience in the professional or modding community. We are a non-profit project. In the industry having a working game that showcases your talents and ability to work with a team is extremely valuable. Still, keep in mind, we're not experts. There's no crazed wunderkid behind the wheel that pulls all the strings. We are all individually talented in our various fields but this is a team project, everyone is taking their talent and adding it to the greater whole!

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